One hundred Guineas (£105) is the reward offered for the live capture of Tom McCauley. He is wanted on two counts of murder, about which he knows nothing. In order to survive, he needs to escape Ireland, which is going to cost money. Tom is neither thief nor beggar. He needs to find employment. He changes his appearance and identity. Mick Duggan is a common enough name to adopt, but unbeknownst to him, there is at large, an escaped convict by that name. When soldiers capture McCauley assuming him Duggan, Tom needs to make a decision. Should he confess his identity and almost certainly face the hangman? Or should he accept Duggan’s sentence of seven years penal servitude?

WEATHERLIGHT is a story of forbidden love, horrific tragedy, and anomalous friendships. Set in the wake of Ireland’s cataclysmic famine, the pages are filled with shifting fortunes, evil skulduggery, remarkable bravery, miraculous escapes, along with a modicum of wit and humour. The setting shifts, not without incident, from the Emerald Isle to Southern Africa, where Tom McCAuley embarks on astounding new adventures, and where the past finds a way of catching up with him.

About the author

From a Royal Naval background, the author studied Civil Engineering, Ocean Navigation and music. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, and several countries of Southern Africa. As a young man in the seventies, he enjoyed international recognition as a singer/songwriter, under the pseudonym Lorne Shields. He currently lives in County Wexford.