ISBN Number and Barcode

Register with Nielsen

If you intend selling your book through major retailers or local bookshops, you will need an ISBN number and corresponding barcode.

As the publisher it is your responsibility to register with Nielsen (the ISBN agency for the UK & Ireland), after which you will receive a block of 10 book codes. Each book you publish will be assigned the next unique 13-digit code from this list. We use this code to generate (and test) a barcode image, before adding it to your cover artwork.

If you do not want to purchase 10 ISBNs we can register and apply one of our ISBNs; in this case Lettertec Publishing will be recorded as the publisher. Please note that each format (paperback, hardback and ePub) requires its own unique ISBN.

for 1 ISBN
for 10 ISBNs
Single ISBN and barcode: Paperback
Two ISBNs and barcodes: Paperback and Hardback (hardcover) or ePub
Three ISBNs and barcodes: Paperback and Hardback or ePub

The price also includes the Legal Deposit Requirement. Lettertec will send your books to the required Legal Deposit Libraries for Ireland and the UK. This will ensure that your copyright is protected and that your book will be retained in library archives.

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