Design & Layout

Your manuscript once finalised moves to the next stage…

Your manuscript may require additional work in order to have it ready for printing and publishing; we can tailor these services to suit your needs and budget.

A perfect layout

In order to print your manuscript to the highest standard, we may need to make technical changes. Simply forward your Word document to us, and we will provide you with an estimated cost of the work that needs to be done; with no obligation. We have a range of different packages to suit all needs and budgets.

Our designers assess your files aesthetically and typographically (considering fonts, kerning, line-length, leading and tracking) and produce pages that are both readable and visually appealing. We can also format and prepare your files for ePublishing, and manage the distribution to thousands of retailers and libraries worldwide.

Your document may need some work to ensure it is ready for digital print and publishing - services that can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. Submit your Word document so we can assess it in order to provide you with an estimate for the required work, with no obligation.
Please note that Microsoft Word often opens a new document at the
default size of US Letter (click here for more information). This page size is not suitable for producing books and we cannot accept files for printing at this size, it must be converted to a standard book size first. We can supply ready-formatted blank Word documents if you wish to do this yourself. We also offer InDesign formatted templates.

You can also download and use one of our free
Microsoft Word paperback book templates below:

B Book template – Word docx file
A5 Book template – Word docx file
6x9 Book template – Word docx file

Cover Design

You can either provide your own cover artwork (please contact us for sizing details and artwork specifications), or, submit your own photos and/or illustrations and we will be happy to assign one of our highly-skilled graphic designers to work with you. Our designers create beautiful, professional covers that stand out on the shelf.
One final option is one of our designers can create a cover for you from scratch. Our bespoke covers are designed to enhance the book’s marketing potential and shelf appeal.

We can also create a design for you to assist your books marketing potential and shelf appeal.

See here for a selection of covers designed by our designers in collaboration with authors

Take A Look

Cover Designs

option 1

You supply images, Word document and rough design concept, and we we will proceed to format and prepare for printing. 

Please note that you must have the copyright holder’s written permission for any images for intended use you provide us with. We cannot accept any images that come from unknown sources.

2 hours

option 2

Our designers create an individual concept for you. We will source all necessary photos and images, and design a beautiful cover in collaboration with you.

4 hours

We find these times allocated for cover design are generally sufficient.
Time sheets are kept, instructions and phone calls noted.
Anything over the allocated times allowed will be charged @ €75 per hour.

Our designers can create anything else you may need on your journey through self-publishing: Including ‘Identity packages’ (logos & stationery), images prepared and optimised for social media, full-colour brochures, newsletters, calendars, leaflets, flyers and more. 

Please see our sales and promotion page for more information.

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ISBN number

If you intend to sell your book through major retailers, you will need an ISBN number and corresponding barcode. As the publisher it is your responsibility to register with Nielsen (the ISBN agency for the UK & Ireland), after which you will receive a block of 10 book codes. Each book you publish will be assigned the next unique 13-digit code from this list. We use this code to generate (and test) a barcode image, before adding it to your cover artwork.

Nielsen ISBN Agency

If you require just one single ISBN for one book, we can register and apply one of our ISBNs to your book, but please note that in this event Lettertec Publishing will be listed as the publisher.
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