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All our authors have the option of availing of our author consultant. A highly-skilled publishing professional, who provides assistance and guidance at every stage of the book journey.

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While immensely rewarding, self-publishing can be difficult, challenging and time-consuming. To make the process easier for authors, we have developed a new, bespoke service.

Our authors will be given the opportunity to have a highly-qualified author consultant assigned to them. The author consultant will work with the author side by side throughout the process. Our packages are flexible, meaning the author can chose how involved or not-involved they want the consultant to be.

Our author consultant becomes your consultant

Your consultant will provide invaluable advice and assistance at all stages of the book journey; from editing (character development and more) to cover design, from generating media interest to organising a successful book launch.

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This new, bespoke publishing service will give your the greatest possible chance of success.

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