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Let us work together from here; from editing & proofreading right through to book design and printing, we help authors bring their books to life.

Editing & Proofreading

Our editors are approachable and professional, communicating with authors throughout. Our editorial services include proofreading, copy-editing, and an extensive ‘book appraisal’ (which entails ideas and feedback on your work-in-progress).
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Book Design & Layout

Depending on your preference, our designers will either capture your ideas in a beautifully designed cover, or design one from scratch. We will also prepare your written document for a high-quality print.
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Book Printing & Binding

Having a large printing-house means we are in a position to print high-quality books in large or small quantities. We can provide you with the exemplary printing facilities normally reserved for big publishers.
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eBooks are growing in popularity, with millions reading books on electronic devices like Kindle and iPad. We can also covert your book into an eBook, meaning you don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach new readers.
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Sales & Promotion

We are happy to offer our authors advice and guidance on sales and promotion. Our services include professionally-designed invitations, posters and author business cards, as well as press releases done by one of Ireland’s best PR consultants.
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Publishing Consultant

Our authors can avail of a highly-qualified Author Consultant, who helps them through each step of their publishing journey. Your consultant can be as involved as you like, and can provide guidance on everything from editing to printing and promotion.
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What is self-publishing?

Self-publishing is where an author publishes without using a publishing company. This usually entails authors doing everything for themselves, from editing to promotion. With our help the process becomes much easier, and the end-product far more satisfying.

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why should you

There are lots of good reasons to self-publish your book.

Here are seven reasons why self-publishing may be perfect for you


Your book – the way you want it

Your book is a reflection of you the writer. Self-publishing gives you complete control over the direction of your book. The decisions are exclusively yours and are not limited by third-parties with interests and intentions that differ from your own.


Protecting your rights as an author

As a self-publisher, you own the rights to your book. If you use a traditional publishing house, they own the rights. They may for example decide to stop printing and distributing your book, preventing you from printing additional copies until you purchase the rights back. We simply produce your book, you retain all the rights.


Short print runs

You may only require 50 or 100 copies of your book. With the high-tech, modern print technology that we have, we can provide you with this unique service.


Testing the market

Because your book may be for a niche or specialised interest, self-publishing can be a great way of ‘testing’ the market. A small amount of printed books can for example serve as an indication of how successful a larger quantity of books would be. Some authors request ‘review copies’ for them to present to publishing houses.


A niche market

The book may appeal to a niche or specialised market (e.g. the history of your local sports club) and therefore may not be of interest to a large publishing house.



Going through a publishing company usually takes much longer, with authors having to wait their turn in long publishing catalogues. Choose to self-publish with us however and your book can be ready for the book stores and online within just four weeks of us receiving your print-read files.



We store your book digitally, which means we can reprint it for you at any time in the future if you wish.

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