Editing & Proofreading

we offer a complete proofreading and editing service…

Our editors work closely with our writers to ensure their manuscripts are perfect and ready for publication. Services include proofing documents for errors and poor English, as well as providing invaluable feedback, advice and suggestions. 

we find that most authors are seeking one of three options:

One of our proof-readers will thoroughly proof your manuscript, eliminating all errors and mistakes, including spelling errors, ‘typos’ and other textural errors.
Copy Edit
In addition to proofreading, our editors can identify where improvements are needed with regard to writing style, sentence and paragraph structure, word usage and copy flow, and more.
Edit and Layout
We will ensure your book looks perfect and presentable, with a professional layout, appropriate font-choice and appropriate use of pictures and captions.

Our editors are client-focused and maintain communication with authors throughout the editorial process.

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A few short weeks ago I was on the verge of having my Book - A Question of Honour Politics and Policing The Inside Story published. The dreaded Covid intervened and there were unseen problems. I turned to Lettertec to assist. This was a remote connection and they readily assisted in a cheerful and business-like manner despite the obvious difficulties. They were precise and clear and I’m very glad to say that the book was published on time, within budget and to a very high quality. Fionnuala was my contact person and she was simply superb. I would highly recommend Lettertec to any budding authors.

John O'Brien

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