If you’ve ever spent money on a book that isn’t bound properly, you’ll know all about it when the spine creases or breaks or the pages fall out or when it won’t open flat so you constantly have to hold it in a way that lets you see the words closer to the centre. OK, having a book which isn’t bound properly isn’t huge in the grand scheme of things, but it is annoying, plus if pages fall out of your book, it does ruin the effect somewhat. It can’t be that hard to create a paperback which you can open fully, or can it? Lettertec, sister company to Selfpublishbooks.ie and printer of all our titles, uses a range of different glues and binding to make sure that your book doesn’t literally fall apart at the seams.

Most bookbinding uses hot glue which is stuck to the spines of the text block. It dries quickly and is seen as useful for commercial quantities of books. We also use cold glue, whereby a very small amount of cold glue is applied to the text block and left overnight to dry. The paperback cover is then attached to the end pages, and the scores allow the text block to be separate from the cover. The book can open flat and pages don’t fall out. Otabind, patented in the early 80s, uses this method. So why do most printers still only use hot glue? The answer is simple. Hot glue is quicker and less hassle and most printers don’t have the facilities to do so. Lettertec are one of the few companies in Europe who can also book bind using the slower, more effective method. Just one of the many reasons to think about them when it comes to your book binding.

Lettertec & SelfPublishBooks.ie – A One Stop Shop

If you’re considering having a book printed, be it a sports club directory or a self-published novel, one of the benefits of thinking about sticking with Selfpublishbooks.ie & Lettertec is the knowledge that everything can be taken care of in a one-stop show. Picking us means you get the benefit of:

  • Picking an Irish company where all printing is done in-house in Ireland
  • In house-designers
  • Up to the minute technology
  • Expert binding
  • Genuinely Competitive Pricing
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Print in low or high volumes

If you are considering printing your own book why not contact us to discuss your project?