Due to popular demand, we are happy to announce that the late Fr James Goods book have been reprinted.

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10 Birthdays – A Story of the Turkana Desert

“Muirne, an Irish nurse working in the desert, falls in love with a local warrior. She marries him, and brings him home to an Irish island. After some happy years, they drift apart, and eventually she seeks a decree of nullity in their marriage. A strange sequence of events brings them together eventually, and the story has a happy ending.”

The Editor Regrets

“Of the articles which follow, some few remain in my files because I did not succeed in getting them published. The majority were never submitted for publication, while some few are in a kind of no-man’s-land – sent to a publisher and never even acknowledged. An occasional one may have been printed without my knowing it. All in all, writing articles and seeing them in print is a joyous, fulfilling experience. A writer hopes that his joy at seeing himself in print is somehow shared by his readers. With this double purpose in mind, James Good put together this collection of pieces written over the years but – as far as he was aware – never appearing in print.”

Mary, Mother of God

“In this booklet, James Good seeks to trace the origin and significance of the title ‘Mother of God’, given to Mary, mother of Jesus, by the Council of Ephesus in 431A.D. A number of articles follow which seek to illustrate the importance of the title and subjects related in some way to it, including historical developments since the title was first constructed in the early Greek-speaking Church, including attempts as late as the Second Vatican Council (1962-5) to extend its significance further.”

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