From the creative team of Shane Ormond, Kevin Keane, Colin O’Mahoney, and Alice Coleman, The Guards aptly had its recent launch at Dublin Comic Con. The rise of the Irish graphic novel has seen some of the best illustrating and writing talent in Ireland, coming to the fore. The Guards is no exception. Described as “paranormal crime series about people who don’t belong”, this book has been gaining attention already.

“Detective Kate O’Sullivan is in a nose dive. Her casework is a mess, she can’t remember her last arrest that didn’t end in a fist fight, and her personal life is a drunken blur. For the last two years Kate’s been on the case of crime lord Vincent O’Doherty – with little but a few grainy photos and bruised knuckles to show for it. Frustrated and feeling powerless, she considers crossing a line she can never come back from. But little does Kate know, there are far worse things out there than gangsters and murderers…and they need her help”.

David Ferguson’s review of The Guards for Irish Comic News says it all: “What I will say is that Kevin Keane’s art is excellent. The story naturally entailed a lot of dialogue but it never feels too talky and he really captures the savage brutality of the world of gangsters. Shane Ormond has come up with a grounded story with something interesting for the reader. I liked how he set up the detectives world before moving in the direction he did. Plus with 40 plus pages, you get a lot of story. Letterers often get overlooked and I have to say that Alice Coleman’s letters help the book feel polished. A great outing for the entire team.”

Comic and graphic novel fans are clearly loving it too:

The Guards is now available to buy and you can pick up a copy here. Looking forward to the next instalment in the series.

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