Title: Ghosts of Doneraile, An Illustrated Guide to the most haunted town in Ireland

Authors: Eric Klingelhofer and Anna-Maria Hjaba

Just in time for Halloween, Professor Eric Klingelhofer looks at and investigates the interesting North Cork town of Donerail and asks if it is the most haunted town in Ireland.  From animal apparitions, lost souls, to a possible sighting of a Leprechaun, this book will leave you questioning what you see.

Neither spiritualist nor ghost hunter, but rather Emeritus Professor of History at Mercer University in the United States. Eric Klingelhofer’s Castles and Colonists (2010) was the first archaeological study of Elizabethan Ireland. Since the 1980s, he has excavated sites of the English Plantation in Munster, including Kilcolman Castle, where Edmund Spenser wrote The Faerie Queene. While excavating Spenser’s castle in North Cork, Professor Klingelhofer noticed a remarkable number of stories about the nearby town of Doneraile.

This book serves as a guide to the many supernatural occurrences – from ancient legends to recent sightings – reported in and around Doneraile. Assisted by local residents, over the years Professor Klingelhofer collected these accounts, and here he describes them, places them on a map and provides illustrations of the locations. Readers can use this information to visit these locations and experience for themselves whatever paranormal activity they may find.