Several years ago, Ronnie was repeating an Icebreaker presentation at his local Toastmasters meeting and among the attendance this time was his daughter, Annette. In the course of his speech – a broad review of who he was, where he had come from and how I got there, he referred to a particular event of which Annette had no previous knowledge.

It dawned on Ronnie that his daughters did not know much about his life. After a few conversations, he decided to start writing down his life, and that is how this book emerged.

Ronnie Kelly’s book will make you laugh, touch your heart but most of all it will keep you engaged. Born in October 1934, in Dublin, Ronnie was orphaned at an early age, and enrolled in St. Vincent’s Male Orphanage in Glasnevin, where he received an education in both academia and life that has stood to him to the present day. While life in the orphanage was not easy, the education received from the Irish Christian Brothers and the interests stimulated while in St Vincent’s shaped the man he was to become, sustaining him through the ups and downs of teenage years through love and romance and care-free bike rides around Dublin City and count, to marriage, children and grandchildren, to a variety of jobs, and a move from the comfort of Dublin and family to the unknown county of Cork, where a while new chapter in Ronnie’s life began.

Ronnie was delighted to see the book when he came to to collect them. We hope that his memoirs will last for several generations.

The book will be launched on Thursday the 28th of November at 6.30pm in the Bishopstown library.