Anne McSweeney, a Cobh-Based Cork writer, has had many of her works published with us and we’re thrilled to work with her on a regular basis.

From short stories to local history, Anne puts her own spin on Cobh culture with a distinct voice and famous Corkonian lilt.

Here is some of the work we have published for Anne.


The Tip of her Toes in the Ocean

Anne McSweeney in this her first book has written stories concerning the rich maritime history of Cobh; about local WW1 heroes, castles and their owners; the effect that emigration had on the town; amusing anecdotes about local characters etc.
Several poems and interesting photographs appear throughout the book.


Soar like an Eagle

Soar like the Eagle tells the story about Charles Guilfoyle Doran, Architect, Scholar and Fenian who was clerk-of-works during the construction of Saint Colman’s Cathedral in Queenstown (Cobh) in the late 19th and early 20th century and died in 1909.

The story follows on with the lives of his widow, Elizabeth Barlow Doran and their surviving ten children and includes many family photos heretofore unpublished


Watching the Wild Waves Motion

Following the success of “The Tips of Her Toes in the Ocean” Anne McSweeney published her second book “Watching The Wild Waves Motion” in much the same vein.
Each story in this book of short stories can be read in isolation, so you can pick and choose where you want to start.


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