We turned tears into laughter, strangers linked by a diagnosis.

Written by the Greystones Right2Write group.

‘The laughter, the tears, the fears, the jokes, the openness, the honesty we have all shared over these past months has created a bond so strong between us all – a bond that will last for the rest of our lives. We have you will get inspiration, courage and joy from these wonderful stories.’


“My reason for setting up Right2Write is- I have a total belief in the power of healing inner emotional pain through the power of the written word. Although many of my students, expressed great difficulty in writing their stories from an emotional perspective, their courage and tenacity within themselves to keep going was truly inspirational. Driven by the knowledge that what they were doing would help so many people and would raise much needed funds for Greystones Cancer support.

The stories you will read in this book are truly awe inspiring, filled with open and honest accounts of each persons experiences. You will see each story is very different, but each story shares the same consensus – the fear the word “cancer,” instills in one.

These stories are filled with humour, love, inspiration and most of all courage. We hope you will get inspiration, courage and joy from these wonderful stories.”

Editor Marilyn O’Connor



I felt uplifted by the stories and if I ever should be in such a position myself, I would be better able for it after reading this book and I would not be alone.

Dr. Ciara Kelly


A Publication like this is of enormous benefit to all cancer patients because of the hope it gives and the insights it conveys.

Dr. Cyril McNulty

There is something for everyone in this collection of stories. This book will be of comfort to others who are fighting the battle with cancer.

John McCormack CEO Cancer Ireland