About the book

If you have been living under the influence of unwelcome controlling powers; if you have negative habits that seem too difficult to break; if you have been constantly experiencing unpleasant circumstances, this book will provide concrete and real answers for you. It is written through inspiration of the Holy Spirit to help you break the barriers of ignorance, stagnation, substance abuse and all forms of undesirable habits. The book will also serve as a useful tool for counselors and rehabilitators.

About the author

Jide Bright Sadiq is a motivational speaker, rehabilitator and pastor. He frequently organises and shares scriptural principles of living a balanced life through seminars and publications. Jide Bright Sadiq addresses critical issues affecting individuals in terms of their social, financial, educational and spiritual development. He is committed to helping people in difficult situations and is the lead pastor of Kings Cross Church, also known as Kingdom Christian Ministry, Republic of Ireland. He is married to Abiola, a dedicated Children’s Minister. They are blessed with children.