The Woman’s Totem was conceived in 2006 when she listened to a Past Life Meditation CD. She had always been curious about past life experiences but never thought she would be able to travel back in time, to a time before she was born. As she relaxed into the meditation she had no great expectations of success. She was wrong. Over the course of the next forty five minutes she traveled back through her life, all the way back to being in her mother’s womb. It is hard for her to explain the experience other than to say she felt, heard and saw from insider her body.

This is the story of a woman who never existed – except that she exists inside every woman, whether she realises it or not. The story of the inward journey the Woman made to self-discovery and onwards to self-empowerment. Join the Woman through the pages of this story. Learn what she discovered about herself and discover what you can learn about yourself along the way.

After going through the process of designing, printing and binding her book, Moira said the following about the process.

“I’ve been calling this book my baby for years now, so I guess I could say it’s been a painless delivery. Oh and you’ve been a very good midwife so to speak.”