This heavily researched book will take the reader on a journey, telling tales of mothers who sent multiple children off to war, of servicemen who received instant death at the hands of the enemy, severe injuries and resulting amputations and excruciating pain after exposure to mustard gas.

The book will reveal the untold tales of Riverstown soldiers who committed incredible feats of bravery on the battlefield, of men who deserted, others who mutinied, those who were ejected from the military, child soldiers who enlisted under-age, and soldiers who died on the final day of the war.

The life of the village of Riverstown and its environs will be explored from 1914-1918, with a sharp focus upon the political upsurge of Sinn Féin and the steep decline of the Home Rule Party, and how changing public perceptions at home affected the lives of those who had answered the call of war.

About the Author

Cian Harte was born in Riverstown, Co. Sligo in 1991. He was educated at Coola Post Primary, followed by Queen’s University Belfast, from where he holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ancient & Modern History and a Master of Arts Degree in Ancient History. He is a member of the RDF (Reserve Defence Forces) & the author of ‘Soldiers of Sligo.’