Book blurb

A captivating quest for long lost ancient Irish manuscripts, Sheegorey takes the reader on an epic journey from Roscommon, in the west of Ireland, to the United States, following the fortunes of those emigrants who were forced to leave their homeland to find their fortunes in America.

Sheegorey (Faery Hill of Guaire), on the shores of Lough Key, was the gathering place of the MacDermot clan to pay homage to the old gods of Celtic Ireland. Defeated by the English forces at Kinsale, one of the last MacDermots flees oppression to Boston. With him he carries priceless manuscripts belonging to his clan. In 2011, Michael Reilly unearthed a mystery that sends him on a challenging quest to find answers.

What was he searching for? Will he solve the mystery or will the treasured documents be lost forever?

About the Author

J.P. McDermott is a poet, historian, guided walks consultant, scriptwriter and presenter of Old Port to Newport documentary. He lives in Newport, Co. Mayo.

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