Selfpublishbooks is pleased to announce the details of a new service to offer to our writers.

This package if selected will help our writers to market and promote their book.

What the package includes:

1. An interview with an Irish-based journalist.
The journalist will talk to you about your book and based on your answers will create a professional press release for you. The journalist will then send the press release to both local and national media with the aim of getting publicity for your book or book launch. When and where relevant, the press release will be sent to websites, blogs, magazines and journals that would be interested in you or your book. You are also free to send and use the press release how you wish.

2. 50 invitations.
It is important to get as many people to your book launch as you can. Most of the people who attend your launch will buy a copy of your book, either for themselves, or as a present for a family member or friend. You increase the chances of people coming to your launch by formally inviting them.

3. 20 A3 Posters
Tell those in your local area or workplace about your book launch, by putting these posters up in your local shops, libraries and community centres.


Bookmarks to inset into your books as a little gift at your book launch. They make a nice memento.

5. 3D Image of book

You will also get a 3D image of your book for your social media pages.

The price of this package is €250