1. I have been writing all my life but don’t know where to start  

If you have a story that you want to share, the best place to start is a phone call. No matter where you are in your storytelling journey, an independent publisher can help you to take the next steps in creating your book.

  • Can I sell my book in shops?

Once your book has been made, you are in total control. Your independent publisher will assign an ISBN to your book, and you can then approach book shops that you feel may be interested in selling your book.

  • What are the stages of printing a book?

First, contact an independent publishing consultant and gather your materials (text and images etc…) Then edit your book for grammar and spelling- professional editors can help you with this process. Decide on your book size, cover style, artwork etc. Work with a graphic designer to lay out your cover and book correctly. Final edits are then made. Your book is then ready to be reviewed and signed-off before being sent to print

This process may take a long time, so make sure to discuss the project timeline with your consultant.

  • What kind of covers can I use for my book?

A great advantage to self-publishing your book is that you have control over all aspects of it, including the look and feel of the physical book. You can choose to go with a hardcover or a softcover, or to print a few of each.

  • How do I include photos or illustrations in my book?

A designer will take your photos and include them throughout the book wherever you want them. These images can be supplied as jpg or pdf files.

  • Can you help me with grammar and punctuation

No need to worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation, as there are plenty of resources to help you with that- Editors will help you to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

  • What size book is best for me

This will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of book it is. Our dedicated self-publishing consultant will be able to help you assess your book and discuss sizing options with you.

  • How many pages do I need to make a book? Can I print a small one?

Depending on the type of paper you choose to use, there is a minimum of approximately 80 pages to print a hardcover book. There is no minimum page count for softcover books.

  • How do you design a book cover

A book cover can be made up however you wish. This may include an image, or a number of images. Alternatively, designers can create a cover based on your specific requirements.

If you have a story sitting in your desk drawer, that you feel could be shared with the world, call Lettertec today on 021 488 3370. Our team of experts will help you to bring your story to life, wherever you are in that storytelling journey.