We are delighted to participate in the important and fun Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival for 2019. The speaker will be Managing Director of Lettertec Ireland Ltd, which runs selfpublishbooks.ie. He will pass on his knowledge and experience of printing, publishing and putting a book together.

Since 2010, Frank Kelly at Lettertec Ireland Ltd has helped thousands of individuals, organisations and companies bring their manuscripts all the way from initial words to printed pages in a book which have been enjoyed by countless reader. Putting a book together has a steep learning curve with a lot of different areas that authors and project managers need to research and learn. This is even more so when it comes to groups putting together a collection for publication.

The aim of this talk is to answer as many questions as possible so that writers have as much knowledge as possible when it comes to self-publishing their work: do I need a proofreader? An editor? Should I have a book launch? How do I publicise my book? How do I sell it?

There will be a special piece on the benefits of having a qualified editor look over your work prior to publication instead of proofreading your own work. It will show how easy it is for mistakes to slip into a book, although, regular readers of this blog will note that they can slip in anywhere.  This talk during Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival will make the process from pen and paper to wine at a book launch much quicker and easier. Frank will be delighted to answer any questions you might have about self-publishing, the benefits, the drawbacks and what to look out for.  Frank also has over 30 years of experience in the printing industry and is well versed on all aspects of it, so he will be happy to answer any printing questions you might have.

The event takes place in the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork, on Saturday, 13 April at 12pm. The most important aspect is to remember, is that it is a free event.

Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival is an annual event which takes place in Cork City and county each year in springtime. The festival promotes and celebrates learning of all kinds, across all ages, interests and abilities. The festival’s motto is ‘Investigate, Participate, Celebrate’, and the public can do that by taking part in workshops or classes, watching demonstrations, trying out new skills, and seeing others; from the young to the old, show off what they are learning.


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