One of our latest authors, Dermot Layden, recently published two books with us.

We are happy to announce that these books are now available for free on our website

In Defence of God

“This book should be of interest to various categories of people such as: those who are sceptical about the existence of God; those who are doubtful about the validity of practising any religion; those who are lukewarm in the practice of the Catholic faith; and not least those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of their faith.”

You can download your free copy here.

Making Faith Practice Exciting and Liberating

“In this relatively short book, the essence of the Catholic Faith, as contained in the Catechism, is distilled in a highly readable and presentable fashion. This affords the reader to get a real grasp of what that Faith entails, thereby removing the mystique and misapprehensions that many people seem to hold about the Catholic Faith. With this knowledge, the practice of Faith can be definitely become exciting and liberating. And should you at present find the Mass to be boring, then surely this book is for you! In the opening section, the book presents in summary form convincing evidence for belief in God, Jesus Christ and his Church.”

It is available for free download here.

If, like David, you would like to publish a book, please feel free to contact us at and we can talk through your options.