Pete Duffy is a natural storyteller and his voice on the page is nearly miraculous in capturing the natural sound of his native and beloved city.

-Ying-Tai Chang, author of ‘The Bear Whispers To Me’ and recipient of the 2015 Lennox Robinson Award.

Pete Duffy displays a casual flair for spinning yarns that conceals a great dedication to the craft. To make writing look as easy as taking air on a summer’s morning is one of the greatest gifts that any scribe can hope to possess. His stories are alive on the page, rich with all the flavours of Cork’s past and present. To read his work is to know his world, a world before cappuccinos and skinny lattes, a world of crubeens, porter and Donkey’s Gudge, or washing in rain barrels and living wild. Balancing comedy and pathos is an immensely difficult act; what Pete achieves is a little short of magic.

-Billy O’Callaghan, Irish BookAward-winning author of ‘The Things We lose, The Things We Leave Behind.’

Pete tells his stories with such down home conviction that you can’t wait for the next flight of fancy to transport your imagination and to join him in another beautiful adventure.

-Art Supple, International Entertainer and former County Councillor