Poetry has been the outlet that Sean has used to express himself since he was nine years old. Born in England to Irish immigrant parents, Sean experienced what he believes to be religious indoctrination and miss-education. Poetry helped him deal with the frustration of what he saw as a society perpetrated and controlled by a mainstream media. These early poems were not lost to time, they were saved and some are still performed if you ask Sean to do so.

Later in life, Sean performed his poetry at many events, usually charity ones. He kept being asked by his listeners if he had a book that they could buy and later read. The same happened when he read his work on his own radio show. This is a radio show with the same title as the poetry collection Out of the Bag. It takes place every Wednesday night from 9pm to midnight on MSI Radio and covers a diverse range of topics highlighting the “psychopaths that “rule” this planet”.

Over the years Sean has interviewed many authors who suggested that he self-publish his poetry. Some of these authors recommended that he use the services of after they were happy with the service, or know others that were.

His poetry is inspired by his experiences throughout his life. The people that he has met on his radio show, his background in the punk rock scene and being a child of immigrants in England. After writing for nearly all his life he still does not have a poem that he would call his favourite. He managed to narrow down his 200 plus poems down to a collection of 48 for his book. However, he carries the rest of his poetry around with his to the gigs in a bag which is featured on the cover.

Sean found the self-publishing experience to be relatively painless and now sells his books after his gigs. He has received great feedback from everyone who has purchased them and is happy to report that they are “now flying all over the world”.

Due to his good experience with, Sean is looking forward to working with us again in the future and has already recommended us to other potential authors.