Aoife O’Toole’s most recent collection of poetry, Life’s Reflecting Words – Wish Upon a Star, released through  is one which she has taken time to get around to. In her own words; “For years I neglected my talent. But a change in events brought me back writing again, something which over the last year, I’ve enjoyed immensely”. O’Toole had been writing poems and songs since she was a child, but her creative life had been on the back burner for some time. Now however, she says that the simplest thing can see her putting pen to paper.

Aoife combines writing poetry with her love of music and it’s proving popular and as the people from The Wellness Room put it “It is our absolute pleasure to have Aoife O’Toole’s inspiring creation, Life’s Reflecting WordsDivinely inspired, she has a magnificent philosophical articulation with words and music. The poetry/affirmation book accompanies a fantastic CD that will melt your heart and leave you singing it for the day!”

Life’s Reflecting Words is accompanied by a free CD Wish Upon a Star. You can find out more about Aoife O’Toole and her writing through Aoife’s Poem’s on Facebook

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