Bob was a 13 year old Collie. An ex farm/working dog, with many health issues and Carol adopted him, knowing he required palliative care, this is his story. After a joyful 3.5 months, which was a roller coaster of many highs and lows, Bob’s health deteriorated and with great sadness, Carol had to let him go 12th May 2014. His story had touched so many people and brought so much joy to so many.

‘This book is written from a dogs point of view and if you are an animal lover, it is a MUST read. Absolutely brilliant, hilarious mostly, tears pricked my eyes, but I finished with a smile on my face.’

Joanna McDaid

‘This is not just a story about a dog. It is also about acceptance. The passing of our pets is something we all ‘expect’ but struggle to ‘accept.’ It is not about the sadness in the passing – it’s about the happiness in the living. The roller coaster journey of a dog called Glen, that will be remembered by thousands as Bob Tails.’
Lee Herron