This book is about a very important part of you that is often ignored – your energy body.

Your energy body is a direct link between you and the limitless, loving and abundant universe. Paying attention to and minding your energy body will have many benefits, including the following:

  • Better health
  • More energy, vitality and joy for life
  • Fewer irrational fears, less worry and anxiety
  • Clearer vision of your goals in life.

This book will give you a good understanding of your energy body, and will help you to look after it for better health and happiness. You will learn about grounding, clearing, centring, boosting and protecting your energy body, and about manifesting your dreams and using your energy for self-healing.

This clear and concise guide contains over thirty useful and easy exercises, along with meditations and advice on looking after your energy body. Whether you are a total novice or an experienced energy practitioner, you will find valuable information in this book.


About the author:

Lana O’Farrell is an energy healer who runs her healing and teaching practice in County Clare, Ireland. Lana’s mission is to teach people to manage their own energy and make their lives more healthy, joyful and fulfilling.