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Mighty Me – Pauline McSorley

September 30, 2014 in  

This children’s book was written and illustrated by Pauline McSorley.

It is an energy friendly guide to understanding your get up n go!

About Pauline

Marrying a background in Sports Development, coaching and psychology with Art, this first book of Pauline’s in truly a fusion of her passions.

Whilst highlighting the values of health promotion, and nutrition, as well as physical activity and active living, the rhyming voyage of MIGHTY ME illustrates the creative and playful manner that this exciting new approaches life with!

Heralding from Co. Tyrone, Pauline now lives and works in Achill Island, on the western tip of Ireland; balancing a love of the sea, surfing and the great outdoors, with her artistic endeavours; exhibiting both locally and internationally.

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