The Tragedy of Macbeth was first performed on stage in 1611. It has been studied and enjoyed by audiences and readers ever since.

S. Labrás Ua Súilleabáin took on the task of translating the text from old English to Gaeilge and finished it in 1925. Litriocht, with the help of his family, decided to reprint this book so that it could be read by a new generation of people.

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Notes from Litriocht.

The 1926 translation of Macbeit is a gift to the Irish language and we at felt it was important to re-print this work to ensure Irish Language lovers everywhere continue to benefit from its value.

We are greatful for the support we received from Eugene O’Sullivan and the family of S. Lbhrás Ó Suilleabháin in making this work available to the world, almost 90 years later.

“I have taken upon myself to task of translating Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeit into Irish with the diffidence born of a study of the Irish language extending over very many years, and of an appreciation of the unscalable heights attained by the greatest of foreign dramatists. I have undertaken it because I believe that the benefits to the cause of our langauge to be derived from the presentation of such a work to the public will outweigh its inevitable defects and limitations. I feel, indeed, that it’s very imperfections may serve a solid purpose, for the controversy that must arise over all too-inadequate renderings of famous lines and “purple passages” must have an inspiring effect on those who take part in it, and may conceivable play a none too important role in the academic development of our literature. “J.L. O’Sullivan, Bantry, 1925