A slow delve into the emotion of one’s mind, body and soul.

The warm embraces, to the cold disgraces. This truly is all a part of life’s lessons, and the journey it accompanies us on. From start to ground, we journey around looking searching, for love’s passion to be found.

Through the mist, if we persist, never a moment will be missed.

Now hold my hand and journey through, I hope I ignite something deep in you.

About the author

James is a young writer looking to get his voice out to a larger audience and hopefully help people look at things in a different way.

When it comes to writing or even publishing, his main focus has always been on what he is writing and blogging etc, more than what he might gain financially. He believes he can help people embrace who they are or embrace a world they only knew through a small window.

Outside of writing, he loves to travel and to walk. He thinks both are relaxing and eye opening things to do.

He can be found on his website where you can soon buy a copy of his book.