On today’s blog, we have an interview with poet, Joanie Browne. Joanie recently published a collection of poems about life, view through the lens of laughter and love.  

“I came to creative writing while doing a back to education course.” She said. “I am an early school leaver and was attending a Health Care Course, when one of my tutors noticed that I may have a talent for writing. While I had always found it easy, I had never considered I had a talent. I followed up with a creative writing course. Up to now, I wrote as a hobby.”

“There’s a local page on Facebook where I had posted some poems on our town and some of its characters. The response I received was astounding and lots of people suggested that I write a book. I decided that if I was going to publish a book, it needed to reach a wider audience, so I thought a humorous look at life would be the way to go.”

“Life is too short to not inject some humour when you can, if appropriate.” She notes, “My tutor on the creative writing course had commented that my humour was as much a talent as my writing. Not all my work is humorous but I enjoy it more if I can make myself smile.”

We asked her if she find inspiration from any particular poet, to which she replied “I can’t say that any poets inspire me, although I think Victoria Wood was an extraordinary talent. When writing the poems for Views to Amuse, it was generally just from my own experience and people I knew. I have been likened, by quite a few people, to Pam Ayers, which is big shoes to fill.”

When asked how she found the self publishing her book, Joanie said “To begin with I struggled. I couldn’t figure whether I had something worth publishing or whether it was just self indulgence, but the process itself was seamless. Honestly, I couldn’t have picked a better company to work with. Andrew Haworth and Co. at Lettertec.com were so helpful. The finished product was amazing. Once the book was a reality it was a bit nerve wracking, because you’re putting yourself out there and if it’s a flop, not only are you out of pocket but your confidence as a writer would certainly take a nose dive.

It seems those fears were unfounded as Joanie’s book of poetry is going from strength to strength, The book is doing very well and has had readings on two radio stations.

“I’ve been invited to read from it at an Arts and Culture festival in Limerick.” She informed us. “I’ve had all positive reviews from those that read it and copies have been sent abroad by readers to friends and family.”

If you would like to hear Joanie’s work, be sure to check out the Arts and Culture festival in Limerick, or get a copy for yourself. And if, like Joanie, you have a book that you want to see in the world, contact us at Selfpublishbooks.ie and we can make that dream a reality.

About the Book

Views to Amuse is a whimsical look at the trials and tribulations of life through verse.

From magpies to marriage to menopause, this humorous collection of poems will take you on a journey where you will recognise yourself or a significant other in almost every poem.

About the Author

Joanie Browne lives in Cashel, Co Tipperary with her husband Jimmy and their little shihtzu dog, Jackson. This is her first collection of poems.