Recently, we talked to Bridget Goulding, author of “Kilmurry Fields”. We spoke to her about her book, her love of nature and history and how getting lost in a moment can make the ordinary seem absolutely extraordinary. 

“The basis for Kilmurry Fields came about as a result of a conversation with my next-door neighbour.

On a warm Spring evening, I left home to go for a walk and immediately met Donal at his front gate.  Over the next two and a half hours, we spoke of so many topics but the central subject was our love of nature, wildlife and of childhoods spent playing in the local fields. We spoke about the archaeological sites which were our playgrounds and our love of place.  The sun had set by the time we bid each other farewell, but that conversation stayed with me for days. I returned to the fields and every walk became an adventure, triggering memories of childhood, people and the village I remembered as a child.

“The central theme of the book is love of place.” Bridget notes, “It echoes the sense of belonging and of being rooted in Kilmurry, where my ancestors have lived for at least 200 years.  This tiny area is rich in historical, natural and archaeological significance.

Alone in the fields, it is possible to just ‘be’; to escape the madness of everyday life and to allow oneself to become absorbed in the nature which surrounds us.  In the fields, memories stir, thoughts formulate and the peace and tranquillity is food for my Soul.”

She added, “In this centenary year of 1916, it is extraordinary that this rural parish has national and international connections to the War of Independence.  Michael Collins was shot in the parish, less than three miles from the village.  Sean O’Hegarty is buried in the same graveyard in Kilmurry as Terence MacSwiney’s grandfather.

A small village museum was opened in this rural village in 1965 by Máire MacSwiney-Brugha and, just this year, the new Independence Museum Kilmurry was officially opened by President Michael D. Higgins.  Kilmurry really punches above its weight!  But, to clarify, this is not a history book.”

When we asked her how she found the experience of publishing her book with Lettertec, she said:

“From this initial contact right up to the finished product, Andrew Haworth and Claire O’Donovan could not be more approachable, professional and patient with a first time author.

It is very daunting to approach a printer with ‘the book’. Lettertec have the ability to put one at ease and take the time to explain and advise – yet the writer is always in control.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Lettertec.”

“Holding my very own book in my hand, flicking through the pages and reading it as if it was written by someone else… it’s all very strange, exciting and terrifying at the same time. You see, up to now it was mine, but on Friday night when it goes on sale it is a bit like parting with something that I have created and nurtured – as if I’m throwing it to the wolves!

I just hope the reader will ‘get it’. I hope they will find it of worth and – in the grander scheme of things – that it will encourage them to take a walk without their smart phone and to engage with the wonders of our open spaces; to truly see, hear and feel the magic of the ordinary.

Ireland is so beautiful, unique and rich in heritage, that almost any rural community could find parallels with Kilmurry Fields.”

We think it will speak volumes, Bridget.

About the Author

Bridget Goulding is a Kilmurry native, loves gardening, her pets, nature and is an avid reader.  She counts herself extremely lucky to have such caring, loyal and fun-loving friends and family, without whom Kilmurry Fields would have been only a dream.

About the Book

So you think nothing ever happens where you live? Just the same old back of beyond in the middle of nowhere? Surrounded by boring old fields?

Think again……

The fields of Kilmurry could just as well be anywhere, around your house, along your road or even your public walkways. Nothing is ordinary as memories surface, questions arise and thoughts formulate. History lives and everyday concerns evaporate in the wonders and the inspiration of the fields.

The launch takes place on Friday night, 18th November in the Community Room of the new Independence Museum, Kilmurry.

Dr. John O’Mahony, SC, will officially launch Kilmurry Fields.  All proceeds will be donated to the new museum in Kimurry. It is a first class design and visitor experience, boasting a rare and unique collection of artefacts.

Feel free to pop along to the launch of Kilmurry Fields on Friday, November 18th, and learn more about the beauty and significance that Kilmurry Fields has in store.

And, like Bridget, you can contact and we can help publish your stories, be they fiction or fact, local history or an ode to an area. We can help print your book, in both paperback and hardback, and make these memories last a lifetime.