Today we’re talking to Aidan Feeney, the author of Luciano’s Café, who worked with us recently to bring his book to life. Here is what he had to say about his book, the writing experience and self publishing his novel.


“At the time I wrote Luciano’s Café I was working as a night watchman so it was ideal for writing as there were no distractions. The book itself was quickly written as the ideas were just flashing like light bulbs in my head. There were times when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees and didn’t know where the story was bringing me – but the answers always came. It was as if the book was writing itself and I was just chasing after the ideas. I don’t know if that makes sense but it felt weird and exhilarating at the same time…

At the core Luciano’s Café is a story of redemption.  It starts off as a quest at redeeming an old story and ends up as a quest to redeem the lead character, in true redeemer fashion. It is also a story of compassion and a love which demands the ultimate price. Genuine love is always blind even when it deceives and misleads – as it does here.

On his publishing experience and working with Lettertec, he said:

“Top class from start to finish! I could not have asked for more. The presentation of the book and the cover which draws you in… Hopefully, so will the cracking good story that will have you turning the pages until the end. When you have waited twenty five years for this moment. It was worth the wait. Then again, they always say that an old wine tastes better. ”



About the Author

Aidan Feeney retired in June of this year after 34 years with the Department of Education in Athlone. He loves cycling and spends every dry day out and about on my bike. He also plays the guitar in the music ministry of both the Bower Prayer Group and the Friary Prayer Group in Athlone. He credits both Prayer Groups and that he owes them so much in terms of spiritual outreach and involvement in his native Parish.

Luciano’s Café launches in the Radisson Hotel, Athlone at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, 16th November. If you’re interested, please stop by. You’re all more than welcome to come along.

If you would like to have your story published with us, like Aidan, feel free to contact and we will be happy to start you on the journey.