The Leaving Cert. is fast approaching, and we know a lot of our readers may know someone who is due to take the biggest exam of their lives so far.

I would like to introduce you to Lettertec. They have a stellar reputation for printing Leaving Cert workbooks and guides.

Lettertec have published two new leaving certs guides which are receiving rave reviews from both teachers and students alike.

Think Smart

The first guide was written by David Lordon. It’s called Think Smart and it’s a guide to English Paper 1. This book is a helpful how-to for the much revered and feared first English Exam. It breaks down the exam into easily understood steps and provides students with clear structure to enable them to put their best foot forward.

With the Grain

The second workbook was written by Geraldine Gildea, it’s called With the Grain and provides Woodwork students the tools that they need to succeed in the exam. It has a very straightforward layout with an easy-to-read format, it is a hit among students and teachers alike. It even includes grids and sketching boxes that allow students to draft and sketch up designs without needing a second workbook. It encourages students to evaluate their work and set out the parameters of their project from the very beginning.

Where can I get them?

These fantastic books are available to purchase at

If you would like to talk to us about these books, or even getting your own published, please get in touch with us at or check out the Lettertec website.


Don’t just take our word for it: The reviews are in and it is a hit.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from teachers on the English Paper 1 guidebook.

I’m very impressed with the clear layout and the fact that you have included past exams and analyse the questions that come up from the paper.”

“Your work on the personal essay and the examples is foolproof and I will definitely be recommending this to my 5th year students.”

“Think Smart  takes the mystery out of English Paper 1 and gives students everything they need to tackle the exam with confidence, equipped with all the information they need.”