We were delighted to receive this glowing endorsement by Ed O’Riordan.

“Having availed of the services of Lettertec – Self Publish Books – a couple of years ago, the only thing I knew for certain when I started my most recent project was that I would be going back to them again. I was researching and writing the history of my local church and I had been asked to produce something as a church fund-raiser. I was determined that it had to be top class, as the 110 page book would be subject to the scrutiny of the church committee. It was a no-brainer that Lettertec was the place to go.

The people I worked with locally quite naturally wanted to be part of the decision making process. They were in the role of publisher and were putting up the money for printing. So, they priced the job in other places and checked the quality of printing and binding in other establishments. They found nothing to compare with Lettertec in quality of print, binding and in the important matter of price.

Andrew was wonderful to work with and was patient and accommodating of all my questions. I brought the publisher to see the facilities at Lettertec and Andrew took time from his busy schedule to show us around. The machinery and the magic of the book-printers world is still being talked about.

Perhaps the best money we spent was in the cover design. I had used the Lettertec designer before and was thrilled last time around. This time there was a new designer – Claire – and she produced a magnificent cover. Again, Claire was really patient and responded to all our questions. A couple of photos that I supplied came alive in her hands and I am astounded at the beauty of the book.

The feedback from the public has been wonderful and many have said they bought the book because of how it looked and felt in the hand. Even the learned former professor of history who launched the book made mention of the quality of the publication. (He said a few nice things about my own work as well!)

I can’t say enough about Lettertec – Self Publish Books. They are magnificent and I’ll be going back.”

Ed O’Riordan

About his latest book
St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Clogheen, Co. Tipperary – the vision and dream of Rev. John O’Gorman P.P. was opened by Bishop Dominic O’Brien in 1864. Dominus Vobiscum records many of the events in CLogheen during 1864 and also several of the years preceding and following the opening. High drama, internationa voyages, tragedy, great Gothic architecture, politics, armed military and policy, and Fenians, are all recorded in these pages. The highs and lows of the 1860s culminated in fulfilled dreams, but great sadness also for the people of Clogheen and Burncourt Parish.

It is testament to the strong faith and resilience of all the people of that time, both clergy and lay people, that we have inherited the great legacy of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Clogheen. It is fitting that their dreams and achievements are recorded and shared in this year – 2014 – the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Church. We have not forgotten them.”