Now that you have created your book, let’s explore how you can get it int bookshops.

Contact local independent bookshops to see if they will be interested in stocking your book. Accounting for sales and paying you is extra work for them, so not everyone is able to take books directly from the author, but it’s worth asking. National distribution to the major book stores is controlled by Eason Wholesale, Gill Distribution and Argosy.

In order to be stocked by any of them, you need to approach them professionally with a superb product and have a marketing campaign in place featuring national coverage on radio or in the press.

Books will be taken on a sale or return basis, and prices paid are 50% off the retail price. You can expect payment for sold books 30–60 days after sale.

Speak with other local shops as well as bookshops – some may agree to sell books. You can consider leaving sample copies in non-traditional bookselling venues, hotels for example – you may pick up some extra orders. Our authors have the option of listing their books on our website, Lettertec’s online bookshop.

For many self-publishers, getting stock to the wholesaler and receiving returns (books that have been sent to shops and will not come back in mint condition), as well as high discounts, make online sales platforms a better option.