People join writing groups for several different reasons; as a social activity, to listen to other authors and their writing and to improve their own through shared experiences and feedback. Most who join a group, will find that their writing improves, be it from assistance from the other members, or the extra pressure on themselves to perform and to improve their craft.

As the writing in the group improves, the next logical step is to try and publish it, Ireland is lucky to have so many literary journals to send your work to (Lettertec, the parent company of selfpublishbooks prints most of them) but what is becoming increasingly more common, is for groups to put together their own anthology of writing.

Community publishing like this has its own challenges and opportunities as opposed to publishing a book on your own. Everyone involved will have their own opinion and thoughts as to first of all, should it be done and secondly, how it should be done. The result can be that too many differing opinions, leads to the book not being published. However, we have solved this with a book that we have produced and published ourselves called Get Published Now!! An Easy Guide for Writing Groups

We have worked tirelessly with publishing professionals, designers, editors and several writing groups in putting together, what we feel and hope is a very useful book. Get Published Now, should answer the vast majority of questions that a group might have when they make the decision to make the anthology.

The first question, should your group publish a book and if so, why? What is involved in it? What roles will each person need to fill to make the book a success? We then go on to discuss editing, house style, formatting, sales and marketing. Should there be a book launch, what about PR? How do you get the books into the bookshops, all the issues that might emerge during the  book publishing process.

Since we are predominantly and proudly a printing company, technical details such as book binding, lamination and paper types are included. By included, we mean, put actually bound in different paper types so that you can make your selection from there.

It is the perfect starting point and end point for your group, whether your group is a creative writing one, book club, local history, men’s shed, transition year project, you will certainly learn and benefit from the book. Over the years we have helped hundreds of different groups and organisations compile books together and have put all our experience and knowhow into the book.

The book can be bought from our dedicated online bookshop and is only €10. There is currently a special offer online for our book, which is if you buy it from our website, we will send you a voucher worth €50 which you can spend on the printing of your anthology or other book. Only one voucher can be used per order.

If you are an individual with a book, you’ve not been forgotten and we have a book on our online bookshop you too. This also includes the €50 voucher