This is the true story of a young man’s emigration from rural Irish to a busy Yorkshire city and his life as a detective.

Gerry O’Shea was born and raised in Castlecomer, a small town in rural Ireland. It was an area untouched by crime or racial discrimination, but, sadly, lacking in career opportunities for a young man. Like thousands of others before him, he took the emigration route to England.

This book details the trials and tribulations of a young Irishman coping with a new lifestyle while steadfastly holding on to his own beloved culture.

It describes how he eventually joined the police service and rose through the ranks to become a senior detective. It gives an insight into the life of The Irish Detective as he deals with the most serious of crime.

Married with four adult sons and now retired from the police force, Gerry shares his time between Yorkshire and his beloved Ireland.