At we love hardback books; they are our speciality and what we do best. Every week we print and bind them for authors and organisations throughout the country. We have a small list here as to why we like them and why you should consider them when you are publishing your book with us.

Hardback photography book

Hardback books are more durable

When you choose us as your printer, we use the latest technology to print and bind your books. We are the only company in Ireland that can offer such high quality, even so, softcover books are slightly more vulnerable to potential damage, from covers being creased over, to people reading it without a bookmark and holding it open. A hardcover is stronger and more durable than a softcover book, giving you piece of mind.

They last longer

The way we make our softcover books, does result in the quality of the books lasting a long time, however, if you look at a library with books that are even forty years old, you will see that the hardcover ones do last longer than the softcover books. This is more evident when you look at books that have been read several times, such as academic textbooks in a university library. The hardbacks can withstand a lot more wear and rough and tumble. They still have to be looked after of course.

Quiz Master hardback book

They are more expensive

Now, normally, in most lists like these, an item being expensive is a drawback to a product, but when you are publishing a book, this can be a very good thing. Take a look at our pricing page to see the cost to print a hardback book in Ireland, you will see that if you print a small amount of casebound books, they will cost you €3 extra per copy, however, you can charge much more than €3 extra per copy. Now, if you get more copies, you they could only cost €2.50 or even €2 extra per copy. If you sell these extra copies, you make your money back faster and increase the chances of making money from your books than selling standard softcover books. Note that these prices are for hardcover, casebound books, if you want to have a hardcover with a dustjacket, these cost a little bit more and we have to calculate them differently. Contact us for more details.

They look beautiful

Does this really need more of an explanation? Softcover books are nice, but there is something about a hardcover that stands the test of time and looks great on any bookshelf, particularly with a talented and relevant cover design. Go to a bookshop and your eyes will be drawn to the hardback, it is why they are so popular even now.  At the main office of Lettertec / selfpublishbooks, we have copies of every book that we published and printed, the one’s that get the most attention from authors are the hardback books.   They also make a nice gift for friends, family or contributors that helped you with your book

As you can see, there are some very useful reasons for considering a hardcover book, either for your entire collection to be in hardback or go for a mixture of you. We can do various different options for you to suit your budget. Contact us and ask us for a quote.