We recently published Feathers in the Brain, a ground-breaking and useful look at how Dementia can affect families.

Explaining Dementia to a child can be difficult and this book aims to make it easier for families to explain the cause and effect on those who experience Dementia.

When talking about the project, Sheena Cadoo, the occupational therapist who heads the Crystal Project, said they noticed in their work with families that there were limited resources for children who had a loved one with dementia.

“It is our aim that families will read this book together to help reduce some of the fear and anxiety that may exist when there has been a diagnosis of dementia,” she said. “We hope that this book helps to explain in a gentle, yet realistic way, some of the changes the family unit may be experiencing.”

The Irish Examiner recently published an article on Feathers in my Brain, which you can read here.

You can publish Feathers in my Brain here, where all proceeds will go towards the Crystal Project.

More information on Dementia can be found on Understandtogether.ie

About the Authors

This book was developed by Christine O’Riordan, Sheena Cadoo, Amy Murphy and Cormac Sheehan, the working group members of The Crystal Project.

Illustrations were carried out by Nigel Robertson, Sixmile Design, Mallow

About the Book:

Aoife and her Granny have always been the best of friends. When Granny gets dementia, there are some changes and adjustments for all the family to get used to. Find out how Aoife and her Granny remained best friends throughout these changes.

This book sensitively addresses how a diagnosis of dementia can be felt by all the family and how inclusion and openness can help everyone.

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