My experiences with Lettertec, Edmund Buckley, Author of The Death of a Socialite.

Well, what can I say about the excellent service I received from Lettertec? To begin with, they found me. I was fundraising to print my debut novel via social media and they suggested that I print with them.

Their online reputation could not have been better and their rates were excellent too. So then I sent them my manuscript and we sent drafts back and forth for over a fortnight until we had it just right. Sometimes emails were being exchanged as late as one in the morning and the conversation had begun at seven in the evening.

The layout of the novel and print quality was beyond my expectations, the friendliness of the staff was unique in that they gave expert advice as if we were long term friends and they encouraging me to get my work out there. The entire novel was read and corrections throughout were made, formatting was added and the cover done just the way that I had always wanted. I raised the money myself to print so I made a profit from the first sale and am still signing and sending out copies today, although I will soon run out of the 200 copies that I printed in December 2013 and have been promoting and selling through Facebook and other social media outlets.

As I am not going through a retail or publishing company I maintain copyright and get to keep every penny of what I earn and know that my book is not shoved in the corner of book shop gathering dust. All in all, dealing with Lettertec has been the best professional experience that I have ever had and I cannot recommend them high enough. If you are planning on publishing a novel or any form of book, look no further than Lettertec as they are the first and foremost in professional printing. If it wasn’t for them, The Death of a Socialite, my debut novel would be in the hands of the wrong promoters and I would have lost control over its content and the profits caused by its sales.

I am very happy to have been found by them and urge you to take the same route as I have if you want the best for your work.