Every sport has its star players, loyal supporters and every team has their dreams and ambitions. In Ladies Football, the “Brendan Martin” holds the same honour as “Liam McCarthy” in hurling of “Sam Maguire” in football. Every year, teams set out in search of that Holy Grail.

Kerry last won the All-Ireland senior title in 1993. That was their 11th National title. Now twenty years later, we follow the current crop of Kerry footballs and follow their bid to win title number 12.

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Donal Barry is a freelance sports journalist. He is based in Kerry and can be seen at times in The Kerryman and The Corkman.


The frustration in the stand is heard loud and clear but it is not focused at the ref. Aislinn Desmond and Caroline Kelly have just collected two balls out of the Dublin sky and broke down yet another Galway attack. Kerry are hanging on and every ball is vital. Another roar from the back line aimed at a Kerry player who has just lost possession far too easily. “Are they trying to lose it?” a belief shared between the two Kerry players who have to get tight again.
Caroline Kelly mops up another ball and this time it is sent to space. It is collected by Corridan who feeds a ball to Lorraine Scanlon. The return pass never comes and there is a little frustration from the passer, however this is Scanlon’s moment.

She dummies her player. It sends shivers down some of the player’s spines as it is something that is not normally associated with the tall midfielder, but she is unperturbed. She had lived in her mother’s shadow long enough and when she makes space for herself, she kicks from 40 yards against the wind. It has the distance and it is on target.

It has the feeling of a goal in the stand as the Kerry crowd come to their feet now believing again. A minute later it is over and Kerry are Division 2 Champions. The doubt of the supporters is forgotten as they make their way to the field. After all, who is going to miss Bernie’s speech? They have been 4 years waiting for it.