Sea Eagles, Lovedot and Fresh, fall in love and attempt to breed chicks on the Long Lake where their species was hunted-out a hundred years ago. But after landing on Dazzle Island they are assaulted by crows, gulls, swallows, swifts, and attacked by Black-News, a two-legged creature and an investment banker who owns a water place, and shoots any bird that interferes with her plans to turn the Long Lake into a commercial runway.

Sympathetic creatures try to thwart Black-News as she mops up distressed mortgages on farms, homes and islands. Lovedot finds herself returned to a world in rapid changes with extreme weather and many species vanishing forever.

Civilisation faces extinction from melting ice flooding the Earth. Radical birds revolt against Black-Nest. Lovedot leads a blockade of the water plane, but can she save this natural paradise?