There is really nothing like a real book. That feeling of turning a page and realise that you have finished another chapter and are compelled to continue is unparalleled.

And if you say print books are on the way out, we beg to differ—and so do the facts.

Print books sales went up a whopping 10% last year. Nielsen’s new figures show that 11 million new books were sold in Ireland in 2016, taking in €131m, according to a recent article in the Irish Independent. This is fantastic news, especially since sales have soared for print in the last two years.

But what happened to the digital surge?

Nothing. E-books are still alive and well, and honestly quite convenient when you’re on the go. However, the thought they would replace print books all together now seems to be unfounded.

So why do you think print books have had a renaissance of sorts? Here are few reasons:

Children Prefer Print

To quote Whitney Houston, the children are our future.

And they love print books.

In fact, children seem to vastly prefer print books to e-books. For example, last year’s top selling book was “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child”, the manuscript for the hit West End show. It was purchased in droves by the young and older alike. It seems that when it comes to longer stories, it’s easier to dissect and appreciate it when you have the page at your fingertips.


Let’s be honest: Books look great. Having a library full of hardback copies of novels looks absolutely beautiful and is very stylish. IN fact, some people decorate their homes with this in mind. Having books is nice and people like to show off their collection.

Judge a Book by its Cover

As much as we like to deny it, we all judge books by their covers. When you have multiple editions of a novel or memoir, you’re going to reach for the one which appeals to you most.

In fact, when F. Scott Fitzgerald was writing his seminal classic, The Great Gatsby, he actually altered the story after seeing the cover design for the novella.

Cover design is really important when you’re printing a book. At, we can help design your cover and bring the story to life from the very first page.

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