Ballinlough, A Personal Perspective on its History, Evolution and Development, Volume 1.

By Dermot Morris

What is most striking about this book, as clear from its title, is that during the course of the author’s research, he realised that he had gathered so much information, that he could not fit it all effectively into one single book. As a result, plans are already afoot for Volume 2 and the author is currently in the process of researching and writing for it.

Ballinlough is a small village in Co. Roscommon, high up in the west of Ireland with a population of roughly 200 people. Yet, like so many areas across Ireland, it too has seen and witnessed history and historical events. The author takes us on a journey through time since its foundation – from the time the first inhabitants lived in carnnógs on Lake O’Floinn, to Post Cromwellian times all the way up to the nineteenth century.

It is a very personal book, with references to family and people that are known to the author, as well as general facts. This engaging narrative draws on the captivating ‘oral tradition’ that is part and parcel of the heritage of this vibrant locality.

The impact of major national and international events is explored along with the cultural gems that have been left to this town. For example, due to the legacy of the O’Floinns, Ballinlough was one of the foremost custodians of the ancient Gaelic tradition of ‘Bataireacht,’ which continued there until the end of the 19th century.

The book was launched  by Minister Denis Naughten on Saturday, August 18th at the White House Hotel in Ballinlough to a large reception and very good sales. After reading the book, buyers will look forward to reading Volume 2 when it is available.