About the book
A portrait of Sir Jerome Alexander from Norfolk who acquired the reputation of being a hanging judge in seventeenth century Ireland.

Through his strict application of the law, he gained the reputation of being a Hanging Judge. A contemporary of his, Roger Boyle Earl of Orrery coined the expression “Alexandered” which became an English slang word for hanged.

Jerome had little respect for a person’s status in society when he perceived that person to be in the wrong. His absolute conviction in his own judgment about what was right and just, combined with his fiery temper, led to many disputes which others.

About the Author

John Nelson and his wife Clarinda live in Kilmainham Kells, County Meath, where they reared six sons and five daughters.
His interest in local history was fostered by his father Tom, who as a youth had worked on the land around the ruined castle in Kilmainham for Captain Charles Bomford.
This interest in the history of the area was also encouraged by local people who have a real sense of place. This is his fourth book.