“My name is Alan Stephenson, for years I’ve been wanting to tell my stories. Recently, self publishing became the way to get my book out there. I finished writing Gabby a Mythical Journey and made it available via e-book.”

“I was talking to Nicole, in the Clifden Bookshop www.clifdenbookshop.com shortly after they had won the Bord Gais Bookshop of the year 2013. She told me about www.selfpublishbooks.ie, she had seen their work before and highly recommended them. I contacted them immediately and now I’m sitting here with a hard copy of my book in my hand and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Back Blurb

Most of her family are killed in a vicious attack but Gabby escapes and is hunted by various assassins from across Europe, all intent on destroying her. During this time she becomes aware of superhuman powers, including the ability to fly. She discovered that she can, upon command, unfurl her six foot long titanium-edged wings from her back and extract her long metallic talons which can become powerful defensive weapons. She also acquires highly tuned vision and keenly developed hearing, far beyond human ability.

Gabby, with her love of nature survives many attempts on her life, as she travels to a magical safe haven on an island off the Atlantic coast. She meets a cast of colourful characters, both animal and human on her journey to safety.