A book that is sure to cause controversy. It is available to purchase on Amazon and the Charlie Bryne Bookshop in Galway

Book blurb
“This book chronicles the true stories of two Irish women who dared to challenge decisions of local authority officials.”

“One is the struggle of a former journalist and poet who was accused of anti-social behaviour. Even though she was never in trouble with the law in her lifetime and vehemently proclaimed her innocent against these accusations, her eviction was ordered by the courts at the request of the council. This articulate and respectful 48-year old former public servant, who was living alone and fighting pain and disability, was found dead by council officials on the evening they visited her home to take back the keys.”

“The other story recounts the experiences of a former employee of the same local authority. She was dispensed with in mid-career after years of dedicated public service, from a job that she loved. She went all the way to the High Court to have her good name and integrity reaffirmed.
Strong social justice narratives run through this book. They expose the imbalances and inequities of how the limitless public purse may be operated to silence the citizen in Ireland. ”

Comments on the case:

The way the Corportation went after this lady was relentless. They went out to get her. It was corporate bullying as I can see. IT was an individual against a Corporation and she hadn’t got a chance.

Jarlath McInerney, Brid Cummin’s solicitor, interviewed on Primetime, June 2005

It is absolutely understandable in the light of the terrible event and the many unanswered questions which the family has, that they should request a public inquiry into the distressing nature of Brid Cummin’s passing.

Michael D Higgins, Labour Party President and Dáil Deputy for Galway West (Connaught Sentinel, November, 2005)

This research undertaken in compilation of this book has relied on previously published sourced, radio and television reporting, newspaper articles and matters of public record from the author’s own civil action against Galway City Council in the High Court in 2010. The author also sought legal advice prior to publishing this book.