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A Flavour of Cobh - Profiles of Local People, Donal Clifford

March 23, 2015 in  

A Flavour of Cobh - Profiles of Local People provides visitors with portraits of 24 Cobh people and gives a flavour of life in Cobh. It is also a souvenir of your visit to this Heritage Town. Academics would describe this book as a sociological portrait of townspeople, a cladistic analysis, and say it is important for posterity.

A cross-section of Cobh people have contributed to the publication. Their interviews were recorded on tapes and transcribed. Sonia O'Sullivan was completed online. The intention was to be positive and upbeat while giving an accurate pen-picture of life in Cobh.

This is a 'not for personal profit' exercise. All profits from the sale of this book will go support the restoration of Mary Stanford, the Ballycotton Lifeboat that carried out 'The Daunt Rock' rescue in 1936 and saved 101 lives at sea during her time in service. She currently sits on the cliffs in Ballycotton and is being lovingly restored.



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